Thursday, March 02, 2006

Career Change

I've made a decision. I'm getting out of firefighting.
The last few weeks have been nightmarish and it's not the way I want to live my life. Steps are being put in place so that I can spend far more of my time enhancing our network instead of running around putting out fires.

1. Mail routing is no longer going to be through France.
This is a major one. The least of my problems is the multiple points of failure - the real problem is their inability to admit that they're wrong. I've given up asking them to check things because I ak them. I now include reams of detail from the logs to prove my point and say "THIS is why you should check what I'm asking you to."

2. DNS is no longer to be hosted by Ozemail.
These guys are jokers. You really have no idea the trouble I've had with them. Goodbye Ozemail, hello Rosser.
As an aside, Rosser are the guys who look after all our comms needs. Hardware, config - these guys rock. Good option for anyone out there who needs a solution.

3. Secondary mail storage.
Our inbound mails will shortly be going through Mailguard. AV, anti-spam, content filtering and on demand reports for $4.95 per month per user. Very workable for a company our size. The big benefit is that if our net connection, firewall or mail server goes down then this company will hold our mail for up to five days. When the connection comes back up it all forwards across.

These are the major ones. I'm also playing with vbscripts to monitor our server health, but I won't tell you about those until they're ready. Goodbye headaches, hello interesting stuff!


At 7:23 am, Blogger Joel Baltaks said...

Nice one. Good for you for being proactive - I'd say everyone will be happier in the end (except maybe those French, wearing those berets and eating frogs legs ;)

At 1:49 pm, Blogger Justin Warner said...

I've always hated the French. Them and their oddly-shaped pastries are what made me have to learn French in high school. If they'd never existed, I wouldn't have to have been exposed to that tragedy of lingual debauchery that is French. I think I'm scarred for life... :s

At 4:29 pm, Anonymous Luke said...

Dude..great blog, so far i have found 2 references to me :)

You should emphasis the hyphen..the dude at is a whingey bitch.


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