Thursday, January 12, 2006

Getting on with it

Well, 2006 is here and as of today there is four months until my wedding. Starting to get on top of things - I've picked out a suit, taking advantage of the sales to save myself $200. Liz is up in the Hunter today and tomorrow checking out florists, hairdressers and make up people (do they have a title?). She's also checking photographers... and I'm amazed at how much these people charge. Basic packages start from $2500 and just get more expensive as you want more things that any human would consider reasonable. Proofs of the photos in case people want to order? Sure, just add $500. Additional pages to your album begin at $150. I'm going to make sure my kid has at least a little bit of exposure to photography, looks like there is some serious money to be made if you can do it well, and you are in a prime location.

In other news, my coffee quest continues. Espressos are getting better, a doppio ristretto has become my drink of choice and sugar is only needed to cover a bad cup of coffee. It would be nice if someone rana coffee appreciation course so that you could learn the basics of cupping - much like they do for wine tasting. While I can taste differences between different beans, I can't actually enunciate those differences. Ah well, the quest continues.


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