Friday, December 09, 2005

The Joy of New Toys

Well, I've just picked up my new coffee grinder. Tonight will be a fun learning experience - how exactly it works and trying to get a decent espresso out of my machine. Lots of fun ahead, and hopefully I'll have it right by the time I head to Tam's birthday bash on Sunday.

In other news, Liz is coming back Tuesday morning. Not long now - but on the other hand, I also don't have long to get the place looking spick and span (does anyone know the origin of that?).

By way of farewell, something I've learned in this last week. It's best not to discuss money matters with friends as it seems to promote competitiveness and/or comparisons. At least it does over email.

PS. Yes, coffee is the new fad.


At 9:25 pm, Blogger Nathan Zamprogno said...

Coffee may indeed be the new fad, but it is also the new illness. I had two perfectly delightful coffees from Grant's new fangled baristapparatus. Hint: Strong, unfamiliar coffee on a mostly empty stomach is a bad idea. It was a reminder of just how different "real" coffee is from the freeze-dried asphalt we normally drink. Real coffee can be overpowering. I felt jittery and not at all normal for hours afterwards. Phew!


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