Wednesday, December 21, 2005


My phone has one of those predictive spelling gizmos for when you are texting people. Kinda useful once you get the hang of it, but occassionally you get a throwback. While trying to type the word "bastard" I noticed it had spelt "casuap?". Obviously not a word it's programmed to recognise. Comes in kind of useful for bypassing those stupid email filters though. I'm going to try and find some more of these to throw around... funny how the latest installment of the dictionary is being used just like the forst one - to find rude words. Got to love Blackadder.

Have a good Christmas - I doubt I'll post before next year.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

So THIS is what the doghouse is like!

Well, Liz is back. As a matter of fact she got home on Tuesday morning around 9am. Any of you with a SWMBO of your own would know it's nice to see them after an extended period without their company. The day started well, and took an unfortunate turn for the worse once we got home and she saw the new grinder sitting in the kitchen.
Now, this grinder came to me as a Christmas present from one of our suppliers (a gift that I chose) to say thankyou for our continuing support through the year. Freebie - bargain! Or so I thought.... what I didn't realise was that Liz's mum had bought me a grinder for Christmas.
Negotiations are currently under way, problem being that any discussion of the subject renders Liz cranky, and me cranky because she's cranky at me. Thankfully last night I think I saw a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyhow, small mental note not to acquire anything at all when leading up to Christmas and/or birthdays in the future.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Western Palate

I've been considering the types of food that we eat recently, and I'm rapidly approaching the need to make a sweeping generalisation.

The Western Palate is amazingly focused on the sweet end of the taste spectrum.

I've found that when we find a taste we aren't familiar with, one of three things happens.
1. We refuse to consume
2. We drown it in sugar
3. We drown it in salt

Bear in mind that this is by no means an attack. I love sugar on my corn flakes, salt on my chips and I refuse point blank to eat scallops (little bastards have made me vomit more than once).
I do think it's an interesting idea though. Where are the savoury drinks? Savoury desserts? Sure, chai lattes are meant to be spicy but we've Westernized this drink into a hot sugary cup of milk with some cinnamon waved over top of it. Unfortunately this misses the ginger, peppercorns and cardamom that you would otherwise find if you were to try a cup from somewhere other than Starbucks or Gloria Jean's. I see that I'm starting to move towards discussing the evils of fast foods outlets who sacrifice quality for turnover. I think I'll stop now so I can blog about that next time.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Joy of New Toys

Well, I've just picked up my new coffee grinder. Tonight will be a fun learning experience - how exactly it works and trying to get a decent espresso out of my machine. Lots of fun ahead, and hopefully I'll have it right by the time I head to Tam's birthday bash on Sunday.

In other news, Liz is coming back Tuesday morning. Not long now - but on the other hand, I also don't have long to get the place looking spick and span (does anyone know the origin of that?).

By way of farewell, something I've learned in this last week. It's best not to discuss money matters with friends as it seems to promote competitiveness and/or comparisons. At least it does over email.

PS. Yes, coffee is the new fad.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Well, another weekend down and back with my nose to the grind. Had a good breakfast with the boys at Nathan's place, discussing the war in Iraq, political systems and economic systems (hooray for intelligent discussion!). Funnily enough, after everyone agreeing that democracy was a far better system than an autocracy I have just finished reading a post on someone else's blog about how democracy can never work in the church because it promotes dissension! What an amazing thought. Does this mean the church in question actually supports dictatorship...? Slightly tic but something interesting to think about. I know Baptist churches use a voting system.

In other news I have a job review this week. My current postion as a newtwork admin will now include the roles of our IT Manager (my old boss) who has gone back to France for an internal transfer. After some input from my peers on salary recommendations - 55k (eek!) to 90k (yay!) - I'm going to aim for 80k, hope for 75k but be happy with 70k. When you take our bonus system into consideration that works out pretty well. Fingers are crossed so we'll see what happens.

Not much else to report, I suppose I should add that my grinder is definitely arriving this week. Tam, if you're reading this we'll be drinking some damn fine coffee at your place on Sunday. Hopefully something approaching this. Bring on the Monsooned Malabar!