Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The meals you used to go out for

Well, last night was to be dedicated to writing a post for my blog. It was not to be however... Liz had her poster completed and wanted to drop it off to Kinkos so that they had time to print it before she leaves for the US.
I haven't mentioned that yet have I? Liz is off to the US to give a talk on her findings at some big conference (AGU for those who are interested). Pretty impressive stuff - and only five months until she finishes her degree! Yay for that.

Considering this meant a trip into the city, we decided to have ourselves some dessert and enjoy it a little. After dropping off the file to Kinkos, we meandered down the Circular Quay looking for a nice cafe to sit down at. We found one, waited quite a while to be seated and then waited an even longer period to be handed menus. Not the best of signs but I'm still willing to give the place a fair go - we'll see how the food is. My macchiato arrives and by this point I'm ready to leave. It was the most bitter shot I've had in a damn long time, with hard foam on top instead of creamy froth. That being said, there was still a nice atmosphere looking across the water to the Harbour Bridge and seeing the slightly crazy looking smile of Luna Park off in the distance.

The question this raised for me is why on earth would anyone want to go out when you can produce better quality meals at home? Should we eat crap at home just so we can appreciate "good" food when we go out? Obviously, eating at home is not like dropping in to Rockpool, Quay or Banc - but then it doesn't cost us $200 for the meal either.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bloody Blogger Ate My Post!!!

Well it did!
I'll write another when I can be bothered - probably later tonight.