Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Fads are a thing that frustrate me - in myself and others. You may wonder why this is bugging me right at this point in time.
Well, Liz has a house inspection coming up so decided to do a big spring clean last weekend. Of course, her dutiful fiancee was kind enough to help. We started in the living room, moving furniture so that the accumulated dust could be removed. While doing that, some of the DVDs in the cabinet fell over. Liz started vacuuming and I figured that I could restack the DVDs to keep myself occupied. Before going any further, let me state that these are her flatmate's (also her cousin) DVDs. Apart from the corny Hollywood flicks, there were also yoga, tae-bo, weight loss for dummies and more besides. Having those isn't a bad thing - in fact it's a good thing.... as long as you use them. I suppose it's even not that bad if you don't. But (and here we go) if you aren't using the old things in your fad arsenal, why get more?
She has done weight watchers (lasted one week), lite'n'easy (two weeks) and most recently she has bought the CSIRO dieting book. On the weekend I see her pulling a pizza out of the oven and drinking five or six of those chai latte that lipton make (basically sugar and milk). I guess what is killing me is the waste of money on stuff that is never going to be used - at least based on past experiences.

Not that I can talk of course - my current fad is mountain biking, thankfully I have people who do it with me so I don't just stop. What else have I fadded? - and yes I know it's not a word ;)
Riding (current)
Certifications (MCSE, CCNA and such)

At this point we're getting too far back, and I need to start work for the day. Anyhow I feel better having gotten that off my chest.


At 1:49 pm, Blogger Tam said...

Don't forget Blogging!

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