Wednesday, May 04, 2005

To think or not to think....? That is the question.

Well, some two weeks after creating this I am finally enetering my first post. Within about five seconds of me creating my account blogspot went down.

Anyhow, I just got sufficiently riled enough that I wanted to winge to someone, and remembered I had this as an outlet. Huzzah! So, on with the rant.

Why oh why can people never learn the most simple things? Picture this - you are on holidays in the location of your choice, arriving in a beautifully set up hotel and you think "hey, this kicks ass. I want to call Jo and tell him how good this place is". You pick up the phone and there is no dial tone. What do you do? At this point I would think "ah, hotel! Bet they're on a pabx and I should dial 0 or 9 to get an outside line. In fact, I'll check this here sheet of paper beside the phone that tells me what I should do." Rational? So it would seem. Why then, can travelling executives never seem to follow this thought process when trying to use a dialup account from a hotel room? No matter how many times you go through it with them, you can almost guarantee that they will call you again two weeks later with the same problem.

I never realised frustration was a work hazard.


At 2:41 pm, Blogger Justin Warner said...

Oh geez yes. The problem is that people know that they have free and easy access to someone who will do their thinking for them. It's a global problem in IT I think. People are far too willing to go "Ah well, I'll just call the IT guys. That's what they're there for!" I think there needs to be one of two things involved in people contacting IT departments: 1.) Fear. A healthy fear of being ridiculed by their peers for being stupid. If you ring your IT department to find out why your desktop computer won't work in a blackout, you're an idiot, and should be labeled as such. Perferably publicly.
2.) Money. Money will make people try to do things themselves before calling, as if you say "plug in your cable", they've just wasted a bunch of money purely because they're too lazy/stupid to check it themselves.

At 12:47 pm, Blogger Joel Baltaks said...

Justin, I agree. Every social system should be ruled by fear and money ;-)

I could say something more constructive but my job doesn't involve solving problems for customers (ahhh - bliss!) :-D

At 8:59 pm, Blogger Nathan Zamprogno said...

Huzzah! The obvious fact that many people eschew thinking ought to lead one to then contemplate the fact that society permits people to engage in a whole range of activities without demanding any proof of thought at all. Voting and breeding spring to mind as the primary examples. Why should I need to apply for a licence to have a dog or borrow a video but not to elect a government or bring life into the world?


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